Ritual Massage

Relaxing the mind starts with relaxing the body

Relaxation Massage

For relaxation and relief of the entire body and mind. If your job exhausts you physically or mentally and you face constant pressure, relaxation is needed. Soft and slow touches harmonise your nerve system, support organism detoxification, boost your energy and help you to relax. The relaxation massage is soothing and helps you to get rid of a headache, insomnia and mental tension.

900 kc – 60min

Deep Tissue Massage

Tailor-made to target specific areas of muscle tension and soreness. The strong, deep technique promotes better circulation andimproves relaxation and mobility in the body.

900 kc – 60min

Sports Massage

The Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. 

900 kc – 60min

Hot Stone Massage

This indulgent massage uses gently warmed basalt stones to allow your therapist to work deeper on the areas of concern.

1,100 kc – 60min

Herbal Massage

A revitalizing hot herbal massage. The hot herbal mix opens pores and its warmth works its way deep into muscles to ease tension. 

1,100 kc – 60min

Swedish Body Massage

Swedish massage therapy is known for its ability to create a general sense of relaxation through better blood and oxygen circulation, easing of muscular aches and tension, and improving mind alertness and body flexibility.

900 kc – 60min


Foot reflexology massage (or simply foot massage) is based on the belief that our key vital organs are connected to specific zones on our feet.

900 kc – 60min

Thai Massage

Although often referred to Thai massage, this treatment style is usually based on a number of well established Eastern massage and exercise techniques, from not only Thailand but also nearby areas such as Bali and Indonesia. 

900 kc – 60min

Pre-natal Massage

The Pre-natal massage encourages blood circulation, reduces stress and swellings, and promotes well-being due to hormonal changes.

900 kc – 60min

Full Body Rituals

These soothing massage sessions are complemented by reflexology treatments that aim to restore balance to the body’s vital energies.

1,700 kc – 120min

Couple Massage

What could be dreamier than enjoying the ultimate relaxation with that someone special? Enter the couples massage! 

1,800 kc – 60min

Queen of Egypt

Queen of Egypt Massage brings a perfect relaxation both to your body and to your soul. It is based on precious exotic oils with myrrh and incense the most valued matters
of the ancient Egypt.

1,700 kc – 60min

Mystic Dreams

which makes use of the ancient art of aromatherapy, unique massage techniques and relaxing effects of baths. It combines an exclusive all-body care and a face treatment. It brings about deep, spiritual experience due to the unique composition of the aromatherapeutic component.

1,700 kc – 60min

Aromatherapy Massage

combining the healing power of touch with Sodashi’s unique techniques. The synergy of Sodashi’s natural plant oils and aromatic
plant essences will nourish your skin and aid the relief of emotional and physical tension. You may choose from an exquisite selection of aromatherapy oils, specially created to individually suit all needs.

1,600 kc – 60min

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